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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: A family member lost their house key. I am concerned that if someone finds it they will have be able to have access to my house. So do I have to change the locks?

A: No, in most cases the locks can be re-keyed allowing for a more cost effective way to protect your home security.

Q: I have several different locks to my house which means I have to carry several different keys. Can all of my existing locks be put on the same key?

A: Yes, in most cases it is possible to re-key the existing locks in your home or office to one key. One of the exceptions to that rule is if the lock manufacturers / or keyways are different. For example, if all of the locks are made by Schlage, then all of the Schlage locks can be put on one key. If one lock is a Kwikset, that key may have to remain different unless you can change the cylinder within that lock to also be a Schlage.
*This does not work on every type of lock, but we would be happy to discuss with you your individual needs.

Q: What is the most secure type of lock?

A: The most high security lock we install is a Medeco lock. While these locks might seem to be a little pricey for some our residential customers they do offer great options for our commercial customers. These locks are considered to have a restricted keyway which means you must purchase the locks and keys only from an authorized Medeco dealer. These locks are virtually pick proof and keys can only be duplicated by presenting the proper authorization/identification. For commercial customers that would like to use a master key system for their space, Medeco locks offer the most flexible and diverse keying options. While some residential customers do use a Medeco lock, some Schlage and Kwikset locks can offer appropriate security for your home. We would be happy to discuss your individual needs.

Q: I put a new lockset on my door, would you recommend that I also have a deadbolt installed?

A: Yes, a deadbolt in combination with lockset certainly provides a level of additional security. While it is not required it is indeed recommended.

Q: I have several children at home that are always forgetting or misplacing their house key. What options would you recommended for my situation?

A: Several lock manufactures are now offering a more sleek looking keyless entrylock for the residential customer. Since no key is required to operate this lock, each person with access will have a pass code that they can type into the lock pad to gain access. Most of these locks will auto lock after 30 seconds or so of the door closing, allowing whoever is inside to feel secure that the house is locked. There are usually different programming options for these locks from the very basic to more advanced options that allow for a situation like a contractor who will only need access for a limited time. All locks will have a key override and a battery backup system to prevent the user from being locked out in the event of any malfunction. We would be happy to discuss keyless entry lock options with you on a more in depth basis if you think this might be an option for you.

Q: Are there keyless entry options for commercial customers?

A: Yes, there are several different types of keyless entry systems designed with the commercial customer in mind. These systems allow for higher traffic usage. One option is a commercial grade keyless entry lock like previously discussed, or an access control system which allows the employee to carry a key card or key fob to gain access.

Q: If I lock myself out of my house and call a locksmith to open my door, will they destroy the lock, forcing me to have to replace the lock in addition to paying a fee for the service call?

A: Most reputable locksmiths will attempt to pick the lock first. This will cause no damage to the lock at all. In some cases where the lock is too old, weather-beaten, in poor repair, or if any part of the internal lock mechanism is indeed broken, this may not be an option. This may result in the need to have the cylinder drilled out and replaced, but it is recommended that you discuss this option and its price prior to having any work done so that you will be able to make the most informed decision about the work you might potentially need to have done. We would be happy to discuss pricing options with you at any phase of work allowing for mutual consent at all times during the work process.

Q: I own a retail store that sells high end merchandise. Some of my customers are by appointment only. I do allow limited access to the public but I want my door to be kept locked at all times so that I can control access. What options would you suggest for me so that I do not have to constantly go to the door to see who is there?

A: An intercom system, like an AirPhone product may be just what you need. A small camera is mounted above the door and a monitor is placed inside the store. When a potential customer rings the bell the camera will activate allowing you to see and hear who’s at the door. An electric strike can be installed in to the door giving you the option of “buzzing” the customer in without ever having to go to the door.

Please call us with any questions you may have. You will always be talking to a professional locksmith who is happy to help! (661) 347-6662

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