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We’re local, fast and reliable. You won’t pay a dime more than you should.

SCV Action Locksmith

We have been serving for over 10 years all of Santa Clarita Valley, Canyon Country, Valencia, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles, for your entire Locksmith needs.

SCV Action Locksmith carries only the highest quality lock brands to fit any commercial, residential Locks.

SCV Action Locksmith provides you with the latest technologies for Access Control System. The brands you trust, the security you need. Whether you need a single key or a complete access control system, we are ready to help.

We specialize in both residential and commercial work and can help you with your home, business or mailboxes.

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    Santa Clarita Lock and Key Services

    We also service Canyon Country, Valencia, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles

    Locksmith Residential Services

    • High Security Locks
    • Home Lockout
    • Lock Installation
    • Lock Change
    • Lock Repair
    • Rekeying Locks
    • Key Duplication
    • Handle sets
    • Window locks
    • Push-Button Locks
    • Deadbolt Locks

    If You Have Other Locksmith Problems. Call us today!

    (661) 347-6662
    Handle sets
    Window locks

    Locksmith Commercial Services

    • Alarmed exit devices
    • Cylindrical locks
    • Digital entry locks
    • Electronic release door hardware
    • Furniture locks
    • High-security locks
    • Hydraulic door closers
    • Interchangeable core locks
    • Master key systems
    • New construction hardware
    • Power door operators
    • Restricted keyway locks
    • Medeco/Schlage/Mul-T-Lock/Assa
    • Door locks
    • Door closers
    • Door holders
    • Door stops
    • Door guards
    • Commercial furniture and cabinet locks
    • Delayed egress
    • Automatic openers
    • Battery-operated locks
    • Control panel-operated locks
    • High-security locks
    • Fail-safe locks
    • Biometric and card reader locks

    If You Have Other Locksmith Problems. Call us today!

    (661) 347-6662

    Access Control Systems

    Access control systems allow you to manage doors, elevators and turnstiles easily, locking and unlocking them, and tracking entry and exit.

    There are many options available, including card access or fob access, keyless electronic entry, biometric access control, cloud / web-based access control with remote control via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

    If You Have Other Locksmith Problems. Call us today!

    (661) 347-6662

    Areas we serve

    Santa Clarita Valley, Canyon Country, Valencia, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles

    Key Duplication

    Common problem solutions

    Our Fact Speaks about the
    result of our Effort

    When a locksmith is discussing re-keying that are referring to altering the code of the lock so that it will work with different key or a completely new one. Here is the facts.

    Delayed Egress


    Years of Experience

    Automatic Openers


    Urgent Call Attended

    Battery-operated Locks


    Lock Problem Solved

    Commercial furniture and cabinet locks

    Emergency Locksmith Services Available

    Please call us with any questions you may have.

    You will always be talking to a professional locksmith who is happy to help!

    Santa Clarita Lock and Key

    Call us today!

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    Clients testimonial

    What our clients say about us

    andrew labbad
    andrew labbad
    The best locksmith company that I have ever worked with. They were on time, professional, and great to work with!!!
    Joseph Salama
    Joseph Salama
    Excellent service and showed up on time as promised. He is knowledgeable, professional, fair and reasonable. I have used the same locksmith for 30 years and they went out of business so I had to find one today. Well looks like I definitely found a replacement. Highly recommend
    Tony Feghali
    Tony Feghali
    Trustworthy, professional and reliable. Highly Recommended for any issue!!!
    phillip goff
    phillip goff
    Alex came quickly and promptly to the service request. He was professional, maintained COVID19 procedures and was able to do the job quickly. The work requested was late on a Saturday night and Alex kept a good and friendly attitude during the entire time.
    Adrian Hannoun
    Adrian Hannoun
    Honestly, the best experience in SCV when it comes to dealing with a Locksmith. Very nice people. Always available, and professional. Affordable. One of the few businesses in SCV worth coming back to for any keying issue!
    Bella Molina
    Bella Molina
    Zack did an amazing job. He was on time, professional, knowledgeable and installed my smart lock super fast. Thank you for your work and customer service. Extremely satisfied!!!!!!!!
    Elie Khalil
    Elie Khalil
    Listen, if you need quality and expedient service with a smile, you are in the right place. Zack was very courteous, professional, and fast!! One of my employees was locked out of her apartment, just released from the hospital, she and her infant was locked outside at 8:15 pm. After only a 17 minute wait, Zack arrived. He changed her locks, and I was able to pay over the phone. I can attest about this company's overwhelming care and EXCELLENT customer service. Thank you, God bless you all.
    Andrew Chemali
    Andrew Chemali
    Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value These guys are amazing....used them twice and the service was impeccable and super fast. Showed up within 20 minutes and on a Sunday.....highly recommend their services to anyone.

    Locksmith in Santa Clarita

    Security is Key. When you go out of the house for a few minutes, just for an errand or to do your usual rounds at work, who is protecting it? What defensive measures do you or your family have against invasions and unwanted solicitors? The first thing on your mind when it comes to defending your homestead isn’t a gun or silent alarm. All home defense should start at the main entrance, where anyone can enter and leave, and the device that controls when your house is open, and when it’s closed.

    You better make sure to hie the best locksmith in Santa Clarita. Your locks are what keep your house yours, and not a free-for-all for any random passer by. We trust our locks to keep everything we hold precious as safe as possible without any input. Just one turn of the key and it’s all set up. But the people who are meant to be kept out by those locks can also find ways around them, or straight through them.


    For every lock, there is a key, and sometimes that key is handmade by crooks. You don’t want a lock that everyone else has, and everyone else has tested to break. Your house deserves a lock as unique as it is. We are a reputable locksmith in Santa Clarita and it will be our pleasure to help you secure your house.

    You know you need security. You never know who’s one step away from deciding that your house is the one they’ll just go in and take something out of for their own illegal means. The only people getting past the locks on your doors are the ones with the keys made specifically to fit them.

    We also service Canyon Country, Valencia, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles


    Locksmith Santa Clarita

    All Kinds of Locks

    When you think of a lock, what comes to mind? A slot in the door knob, or maybe a slider, something weighty that bolts into the door. Maybe your home security isn’t quite that standard. A lock can be anything from a complex mechanical security device to a rug against a door too heavy to push against.

    What’s more, you probably imagine it exclusively on a front or back door. But there are other things in and around the home that need to be secured. That’s the duty of a locksmith Santa Clarita – our duty to you. To find whatever vulnerabilities are in your home and lock them down so no one can get in or out without your permission. We work with tumbler locks for doors, deadbolts, window locks, even push button and keypad locks for extra high security.

    When you think of a lock, think of locksmith Santa Clarita.

    We also service Canyon Country, Valencia, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles

    Locksmith Canyon Country

    Around Home

    SCV Action Locksmith Canyon Country residential services cover just about everything that goes on in the average home and how to keep it safe. Our focus is on creating and helping you to maintain a maximum security environment without maximum costs. We install all types of locks, brand new, with unique and limited keys for your eyes only. Additionally, we can repair existing locks. Locks can break down in many ways, and the complicated mechanisms which allow them to work can mean that no key ever works, or that any key at all might work. We get to the root of your problems and solve them so your home stays secure inside and out.

    We also service Santa Clarita, Valencia, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles.


    Locksmith Valencia CA

    Commercial Service

    We are the commercial go-to locksmith Valencia CA. We work with businesses to ensure they have the highest security on site. Not every store can hire a security guard. Locks are the go-to and sometimes end-all of business security, so you need your locks to be the best they can be. We can work with a whole security suite, starting with locks and going all the way up from there, and also expand the operational capacity of the doors those locks are attached to.

    We handle powered doors with hydraulic closers, automatic opening, controlled and panel-operated locks so that customers and employees have a secure but efficient way of getting in during work hours, and no way in after closing. We also work with installing more high-tech lockdown solutions. Things like locks which operate on tight schedules via battery power, electronic releases on doors, restrictions and master key systems so the right people can get where they need to and the rest can’t. We can even help set up and operate biometric locks – ones which read physical signatures like thumbprints – and card readers of all kinds.

    We also service Santa Clarita, Canyon Country, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles

    Mobile Locksmith Santa Clarita

    Access Control Systems

    The days of big, huge keyrings are a thing of the past. We’ve replaced those with countless multi-digit pin numbers and passwords that get a little harder to keep track of. We’ve freed up space on our belts but have to cram space inside our heads to remember it all. Or write it down and risk that vital information getting leaked. It would be great if there was a system where only a few combinations were needed, known by only the right people, to control all the locks and accessibility in an entire building.

    That’s what an Access Control System does. It’s a single mounted keypad capable of controlling all manner of locks, on doors and in turnstiles and even in serviceable platforms like elevators. They can all be turned on and left open or off and shut down from one location, with one combination for one person to remember. For bigger buildings with more doors than a single key ring has room for, this is the ideal situation. We can bring that digital edge to your lockdown procedure and make it easy to learn and use.

    We are your go-to Mobile Locksmith Santa Clarita experts.

    We also service Canyon Country, Valencia, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles


    Mobile Locksmith Near Me

    Open Up to Better Locks

    We all want a piece of security and safety. Sometimes all you really need to feel that is the security of a good lock as it tumbles under the turn of a key. We know locks, how they’re built and how to rebuild them, make them stronger, make them more secure, and we can do that for you. The greater Santa Clarita area is safer with us around. We operate 24/7, because you never know when you might just get locked out yourself – no lock should keep its owner out as well.

    You no longer need to look for a mobile locksmith near me or car locksmith near me. You found it! We are your go-to 24 hour locksmith!

    Keep your security concerns locked down, now or anytime.

    24 Hour Locksmith Near Me

    Car Locksmith Near Me

    If your car doors are locked in Santa Clarita, Canyon Country, Valencia, San Fernando Valley, or Los Angeles and you have no way in, we can help you gain access immediately. We have years of experience through all different automobile locks and situations and we are confident we can offer any Car Lock Solution that you may need. The Professional Automotive Locksmiths at SCV Action Locksmith have the training, experience, and tools necessary to unlock any car door quickly in Santa Clarita, Canyon Country, Valencia, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles and without causing any damage to the vehicle. Within minutes, we are there and fully prepared to resolve the lock situation requiring attention.

    SCV Action Locksmith is fully equipped to handle Vehicle Lockout Services in Santa Clarita, Canyon Country, Valencia, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. Our technicians have years of experience with opening locked car doors after keys have been accidentally locked inside or lost. Our vehicle lockout crew is on standby 24/7 and always ready to help you in the Emergency Vehicle Lockout Situation in Santa Clarita, Canyon Country, Valencia, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. Our team is up for every job, responding to all calls for keys locked in vehicles with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We can work with each makes and models of vehicle. Customers who choose our Vehicle Lockout Services can relax, knowing that they have a professional on the job.

    car locksmith near me
    High-security Locks
    Restricted Keyway Locks
    Biometric And Card Reader Locks
    Fail-safe Locks
    Power Door Operators
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